Our Prices


Approximately 1 hour visit depending on number of pets or complexity of care

DOG WALKING (weekdays, daytime)

>Dog Walking    (leashed walk, poo pickup, towel off, fresh water)

30 min  FUN FROLIC                   $22

45 min  BOREDOM BUSTER        $25

60 min  LONG HAUL                    $29

Note: Prices are for 1 dog; additional dogs $2 each per walk; must have I.D. tags.

PET SITTING (vacations or nights away from home)

>Daily Pet Care:   (food, water, meds, litter box, play, brush, walk, safety check, etc.)

30-minute visit (1st pet):             $24

45-minute visit (1st pet):             $27

           60-minute visit (1st pet):            $32

                    Additional pets/cages:                $2 each per visit

Note: For safety, health and happiness, we visit indoor dogs with no outside access at least 3 times per day, we visit dogs with a dog door at least 2 times per day, and we see cats at least once daily.

>Bird or Small Pet Care:   (food, water, cage clean, love, touch, safety check, etc)

 20-minute visit                               $21


 Mileage Fee:                                          50 cents per mile 

For homes >6 miles from LBA Park (3273 Morse-Merryman Rd, Olympia).

Overnight stay (9pm - 7am):                  $75 per night

When a warm body staying in the home with the pets is the only way you'll relax on your trip. Daytime visits extra.

Shopping trip:                                        $20 plus supplies

Pet food, cat litter, medication pick up, etc.

 Emergency Support:                             $32 per hour

Medical emergency transport to animal hospital, plus staying until pet is stable or emergency is over if schedule allows.

 End-of-Life Support:                              No Charge

When it's time to say goodbye and you need loving support;  Existing clients only.